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XWERKS Motion Review (2024)

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Your gym bag is probably packed with some of the best supplements for building muscle, including protein powder, creatine, and pre-workout. Crucial for boosting energy and strength during a gym session and reducing muscle soreness afterward, you wouldn’t dare train without them. But imagine a single supplement that combines the benefits of all three.  

Enter XWERKS Motion — an innovative supplement formulated to enhance endurance during intense exercise and support a quick post-workout recovery. Sounds too good to be true? We’ll find out in this XWERKS Motion review. 

Our team of personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, nutrition experts, and competitive weightlifters shared their feedback on the formulation, price, taste, and solubility of this one-of-a-kind product. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’ll do a deep dive into the ingredients and potential health benefits of XWERKS Motion, so you know if it’s worth adding to your supplement stack.

Medical disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. For health advice, contact a licensed healthcare provider.

Key Takeaways

  • XWERKS Motion contains 25 grams of cluster dextrin carbohydrates, which can help you exercise for longer before exhaustion.
  • This formula includes three grams of BCAAs to help promote muscle growth and recovery.
  • Made with electrolytes, XWERKS Motion can also support fluid balance and proper muscle function.



  • Number of servings: 30 
  • Price per serving: $1.96
  • Amount of BCAAs per serving: Three grams 
  • Calories per serving: 110
  • Flavors: Raspberry Lemonade 
  • Third-party tested: Not at the time of this writing

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XWERKS Motion Pros

  • XWERKS Motion contains a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, meaning the amount of leucine is double the amount of isoleucine and valine. This ratio is shown to be the most effective for enhanced exercise performance.
  • This BCAA supplement provides a quick energy source from cluster dextrin carbohydrates, which are easy to digest and absorbed rapidly pre-workout.
  • Dairy and gluten-free, XWERKS Motion is ideal for those with a sensitive digestive system who want to avoid uncomfortable bloating, gas, and stomach cramps.

XWERKS Motion Cons

  • One serving contains 110 calories solely from carbs, which isn’t ideal for those already consuming adequate carbs who don’t want to increase their intake.
  • It includes sucralose, an artificial sweetener that may disrupt healthy gut bacteria and inflammation when consumed on an ongoing basis. 
  • Only one flavor is available (Raspberry Lemonade), which could get old quickly if you’re taking this supplement several days a week.

XWERKS Motion Specs

Price per serving $1.97
Flavors Raspberry Lemonade
Amount of BCAAs per serving 3 grams
BCAA ratio 2:1:1
Amount of l-leucine per serving 1.5 grams (approx)
Amount of l-isoleucine per serving 0.75 grams (approx)
Amount of l-valine per serving 0.75 grams (approx)
Additional ingredients Cluster dextrin carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, sodium, natural flavors, citric acid, sucralose 
Third-party tested No

XWERKS Motion Rating

Our Breaking Muscle product testing team has tried nearly 20 of the best BCAA supplements, gaining a thorough understanding of what meets customer standards and what falls short. Here’s how our expert testers rated the following categories after trying XWERKS Motion themselves. 

Factor Rating (out of 5)
Price per serving 3.5
Formulation 4.
Available flavors 3
Taste 5
Solubility 5
Side effects 4
Third-party testing 1

XWERKS Motion Review

In this XWERKS Motion review, we’ll explore the product’s cost, formula, flavors, taste, and more. We’ll include honest, reliable feedback straight from our Breaking Muscle expert testers, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from this supplement. With transparency in mind, we include the good and not-so-good aspects of XWERKS Motion to give you the full picture. 

A bag of XWERKS Motion next to a shaker bottle in someone's gym

Price Per Serving

A single bag of XWERKS Motion costs $59 for a one-time purchase. Each bag contains 30 one-scoop servings, and a serving costs $1.96. XWERKS offers the option to subscribe to a 30, 45, or 60-day delivery option for a five percent discount on each bag. With that discount, each order costs $56.05, and the price per serving comes down slightly to $1.87.

In comparison, Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine costs $1.33 per serving, while Jacked Factory BCAA Powder is available at $0.67 per serving at the time of this writing. XWERKS Motion is on the pricier side, earning this category a 3.5 out of 5, but also contains ingredients not found in most other BCAA supplements. 


XWERKS Motion is thoughtfully and originally formulated, earning it a 4 out of 5. It is unlike other BCAA supplements in that it contains 25 grams of cluster dextrin carbohydrates, also known as highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD). Cluster dextrin passes through the stomach into the intestines rapidly, where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and taken up into muscle cells to replenish glycogen content and provide a quick energy source. (1)

A female athlete pouring a scoop of XWERKS Motion into a water bottle
Breaking Muscle editorial member Kate pouring XWERKS Motion into a shaker bottle

Human studies suggest that when used before or during a workout, cluster dextrin carbs may decrease perceived exertion and enhance endurance when compared to maltodextrin and glucose, especially when prior carb intake is low. (1) However, those who eat plenty of carbs may not experience any added benefits when supplementing cluster dextrin.

In addition to carbs, each serving offers three grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). The product contains the BCAA ratio 2:1:1 of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are essential amino acids (EAAs), meaning you must consume them because the body doesn’t synthesize them on its own. Leucine is often thought of as the king of BCAAs because it activates muscle protein synthesis, which is necessary for muscle growth and recovery. (2


Other active ingredients include calcium, magnesium, and sodium. During exercise, you lose electrolytes through sweat that need to be replenished. The electrolytes in XWERKS Motion help prevent dehydration and maintain proper muscle function during a workout.

Enhanced with natural flavors, sucralose, and citric acid, this product contains ingredients that add sour and sweet notes. 

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener considered safe when consumed in moderation. Unlike table sugar, most research shows sucralose has little to no effects on blood sugar levels or insulin. (3) However, some animal studies suggest it could disrupt healthy gut bacteria and increase inflammation when consumed long-term, but more human studies are needed. (4)

A hand holding a scoop of XWERKS Motion with the bag in the background
Breaking Muscle team member Kate Meier holding a scoop of XWERKS Motion

Available Flavors

You won’t have any difficulty picking a flavor if you choose to try XWERKS Motion, considering there is only one option available — Raspberry Lemonade. Obviously, if you prefer to stick with one flavor on repeat this won’t be a problem. For those who like to switch things up, the lack of variety may leave you feeling bored, hence the middle-of-the-road rating on flavor. 


Luckily, the Raspberry Lemonade flavor delivers. Our expert tester was more than pleased with the taste of the raspberry lemonade supplement, rating it an impressive 5 out of 5. She noticed hints of the tart lemonade with a more robust berry flavor overall. The supplement wasn’t too sweet and had a very refreshing taste to it. Our tester even went as far as to say that she could happily sip on this drink all day. 


Another winning category of XWERKS Motion is solubility, which our tester rated a perfect 5 out of 5. She didn’t experience any clumping, grittiness, floaties, or difficulty mixing — a feature you’ll want when drinking it at the gym or on the go. Because the cluster dextrin in this product is highly soluble in water, it dissolves easily and forms a smooth, uniform mixture. Several customer reviews on the XWERKS website rave about the product’s superior solubility, mentioning it “blends so smooth” and is “easy to mix.”

Side Effects

Cluster dextrin is believed to be safe for consumption, with no apparent safety concerns. (5) Our product tester didn’t experience any adverse side effects during her use of this product. As for beneficial effects, she didn’t notice any superhuman strength or noticeable bursts of energy, but she did feel good during longer lifting sessions. 

Switching gears, BCAAs are considered safe when consumed in appropriate dosages. It’s best to adhere to the suggested dosage instructions on the product label for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Nevertheless, always consult with your healthcare provider before adding a new dietary supplement to your routine, particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are currently taking prescribed medications. This precaution ensures that the supplement aligns with your individual health needs and won’t pose any risks or interactions. 

All of the above considered, XWERKS Motion gets a 4 out of 5 rating for the lack of side effects from its formulation.

Third-Party Testing

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of third-party testing on the XWERKS Motion product page, which is why we gave it a 1 out of 5. 

We always encourage consumers to consider supplements that are third-party tested, because it serves as a quality control measure, ensuring that products are safe, effective, and meet certain regulatory requirements. Third-party testing enhances transparency and builds consumer trust by verifying that high-quality products contain what’s on the label and don’t include harmful levels of heavy metals or contaminants.

The back of the XWERKS Motion bag showing the nutrition label and product benefits
The nutrition facts and potential benefits of XWERKS Motion

XWERKS Motion vs. XTEND Original BCAA Powder

XWERKS Motion and XTEND Original BCAA powder have both commonalities and differences. To start, both products contain BCAAs and electrolytes to enhance muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and maintain hydration.

However, that’s where their similarities end. While XTEND Original BCAA powder doesn’t contain any carbohydrates, XWERKS Motion contains 25 grams of cluster dextrin carbs for extra energy and prolonged endurance. 

XTEND Original BCAA powder also has a much higher BCAA content of seven grams, compared to the three grams in XWERKS Motion. The Original BCAA powder even contains a whopping three and a half grams of leucine, exceeding the recommended two to three grams per day to maximize muscle-gaining capabilities. (2) The same can’t be said for the leucine content of XWERKS Motion. 

XTEND Original BCAA Powder


  • Number of servings: 30 to 90
  • Price per serving: Starts at $0.51
  • Amount of BCAAs per serving: Seven grams 
  • Calories per serving: Zero
  • Flavors: Airheads Cherry, Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Third-party tested: NSF and Informed Sport

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XWERKS Motion Customer Reviews

Customers on the XWERKS website give Motion a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. There are only 35 reviews on the product page. Motion is not available on Amazon at the time of writing.

One happy customer says, “Great taste! No issues with digestion, gives you the fuel needed during most intense workouts.” Another customer says, “It mixes well, I like the flavor, and have no digestive or other issues. Performance-wise I feel great. I feel more energetic during my workouts and that I’m getting more out of them.”

Reviews from customers who were less pleased with the product were written over a year ago, and the formulation and flavors may have changed. One customer says, “I’m not sold on this product. I don’t really notice any difference on the days I take this. Also, it takes a blender to get this stuff mixed! That’s a deal breaker for me.” Other customers complain of the grape flavor, which is no longer available. 

Final Verdict: Is XWERKS Motion Worth It?

XWERKS Motion provides a synergistic blend of cluster dextrin carbs, BCAAs, and electrolytes to support endurance and recovery during and after a workout. Those who enjoy leisurely activity and consume enough carbs to sustain their energy levels may not benefit from this product. 

However, it might be worth it for endurance athletes and bodybuilders with high training loads. Taking XWERKS before, during, or after intense physical activity may reduce perceived effort, extend the time to exhaustion, and decrease muscle soreness.


Do you drink BCAA before or after a workout?

You can consume BCAAs pre, post, or intra-workout depending on your fitness goals. Some prefer to take BCAAs before or during a workout to provide their muscles with amino acids to help prevent muscle protein breakdown. Others like to take BCAAs post-workout to support muscle repair and recovery.

Do BCAA supplements work?

If you eat a whole-food diet high in protein, then you likely consume enough amino acids and may not experience further benefits by supplementing them. If you struggle to eat enough protein, BCAAs may support endurance, helping you train at a higher intensity for longer. Additionally, BCAAs may reduce muscle damage and DOMS post-workout.

What are branched-chain amino acids?

BCAAs are a group of three EEAs—leucine, isoleucine, and valine— that must be consumed through the diet. They get their name from their unique molecular structure. While all EAAs are important, BCAAs are thought to play an important role in protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and preventing loss of lean mass.

What are the benefits of BCAA?

BCAAs may provide an extended feeling of energy and delay the onset of muscle fatigue, enabling you to work out longer. Moreover, BCAAs might diminish muscle damage, inflammation, and DOMS post-workout. Lastly, BCAAs may aid in preserving lean muscle mass during periods of fat loss, contributing to weight loss efforts.

How much BCAA should you take?

There are no official recommended daily requirements for BCAAs. The suggested sweet spot for leucine intake is often cited as two to three grams per day to optimize muscle building. (2) Avoid exceeding the recommended serving size on the product label. If you take protein powder or eat a high-protein diet, BCAA supplements likely won’t provide added benefits. 


  1. Wilburn, D., Machek, S., & Ismaeel, A. (2021). Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin and its Ergogenic Effects in Athletes: A Brief Review. Journal of Exercise and Nutrition, 4(3).
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